Glitter is sparkly, pretty and playful.  There’s something a little bit magic about glitter. The little sparkle that signals a recent visit from the fairies, of whimsical play and festivity. Sadly, most glitter is made from teeny tiny bits of plastic, called microplastics and is an environmental hazard. Those pretty little sparkles that you brushed over your cheeks might wind up in the ocean or ingested by an animal. It’s almost impossible to clean up such tiny pieces of glitter and those cheeky little sparkles can easily wind up anywhere. Have you tried to clean up glitter before? Its not easy!

Thankfully there are other options. Phew! Eco glitter is an environmentally friendly glitter that is plant based, not plastic. This means that eco glitter isn’t full of chemicals and it will easily breakdown. Thats better for our environment and for us, yay! We’ve found some lovely stores that sell eco glitter so you can get your sparkle on, just click on the links below.

Three Mamas

Merri Creek Soaps

Project Glitter